Um, where have you been?

Hello interwebs, I’ve been busy with second semester.

I’ll post some of my work later on.

Right now, I wanna talk about tattoos.

I enjoy this one. Mostly because I enjoy cameras and it’s nicely done.

I he(art) nouveau.

This one is nice and subtle.

If I had a long torso I’d probably do something like this.

This is just a nice photograph.

So is this one.

I ❤ this.

I’m getting a big chunk of my sleeve done in May.

Can’t wait.


Inked Photography

A while back I did a photography project about tattoos and tattoo life. My Minolta X700 and I visited about 5 different tattoo shops in Providence. Some of them, Art Freek for one, were terribly nice and let me take all the photos I wanted. (I’ve gotten some work done there, the people are friendly and down to earth and the quality of the work coming out of there is excellent.) And others were absolutely horrible and shouted mean, nasty words at me for even THINKING about taking a picture or their shop.


I’ve really wanted to put them in a professional-like looking book and publish them. But alas, it is one of many dreams I have yet to grasp hold of. So, I’ll just put a few of them up here 🙂

Page 5


Page 3

East Providence Tattoo had a lounge. I was jealous.


Page 7


Page 12


Page 14I enjoy ^that^ one.


Page 22This guy’s ink was very green.


Page 26This chicky-baby was a Suicide Girl and really was into having her portrait taken.