Everything needs to be this cool

Holy shit interwebs, I have so much energy. Tonight is going to be a work night, not a sleep night. I can not for the life of me figure out where I found all this…awake-ness. I need to take some photos of my sketch book for you. It’s changed so much since I last put pictures of it up here. The problem is when RISD starts, things like this get put on the back burner.

So, here’s some kewl Smokey the Bear graphics:


I’m liking everything except that raccoon. Why does he have sticks coming out of his stumps? And the pineapple at the bottom? Not so much.


114e78d5fd330d681f128982ae1d5863c6868783_mI’ve definatly done something like this for my boss when I worked at the Watermark. I made a card that had several pie charts indicating the notoriety of famous artists versus ninja turtles.


c00087e4a3a6ab0ab3d7b98530b3162fea603d03_mAlso, how cool is that?

I definatly want it. I must put on a pretty face and ask my product designing boyfriend, very sweetly, if he will make it for me to go in my super awesome, fantastical, new house. That I will have. In the future.


372ffe8790769ac4f4ecb0cbae6d8121ab7e171f_mSpeaking of fantastic things that will come into my possession in the future…

Check out those tea bags! It’s like fucking origami! This just made my love for tea increase tenfold.