BAMF things I wish were in my life.


I’ve been away from you too long, interweb blog.

But I’ve been looking through the other parts of the interwebs as of late, and there’s a lot of kewl shit out there. 

e6f6b131c41e06da5ea5e817b6f034ba60c27065_mI want.


d77213078299f711154f8e73ab53e891ab89a69a_mYes, that is a dolla bill. And so is this:

14bca403b4965c0fd2b9e8ddc8bcf64c4131a7c8_mThat is a fucking toilet, with a vajayjay inside.

booooooom_dollar_02I wish all money was origami-ed and depending on what shape it was in determined it’s value.


7f599fa7cb016b203f12090d09e393376c801ffe_mAnd how cool is this?! It’s food made into flags. France looks delish-yum.

Speaking of delish-yum:

71e5e77de505d5676949ff2c466dd2ecbe2a28f7_mI will be eating this cake for every birthday I have from now on.


187e9ecc92ab054e81259107bd70b6982992f15c_mAnd in a perfect world, I would be eating this cookie/cake/chocolate everyday.


Le sigh. That’s all the amazingness I will share today. I have a fair amount of artsy-fartsy homework to complete, and it’s only the first week. Yikes.