If I had a Sexual Fantasy About Obama, This is What it Would Look Like:

I need to share this with you.

I believe the artist’s name is Lacey…Dave or Dan or something like that.

80769884Yes, that is in fact a naked Obama on a unicorn wielding a sword, accompanied by Hugh Laurie and what appears to be Stalin.

I’m can’t tell if Lacey is pro or anti Obama.

80769885Legend has it, that once the capital building falls, it grows rainbows.

80769886This one is my favorite. Mostly because of that sweet eye on the unicorn. But it also includes Obama’s pubes.

80769887I believe Lacey purposely left the chick’s face out so I could paint my own in.

80769888What I don’t understand is why the unicorn’s mane is white, but his tail is rainbow. Aside from that this is a true story: Obama does in fact fight fat republicans in the sky.


80769890This one is pretty sexy. Michelle totes wishes she was that unicorn right now.

80769891Obama and his unicorn were trained by NASA engineers to diffuse rockets.

80769893Michelle has got some JUNK in her TRUNK. Wooooo!


I wish I knew why Obama was accompanied by a unicorn in all of these. But that would take the wonder and mystery out of these fantastical works of art.

God, I wish someone would paint a series of me with a unicorn. Or even a pegasus. Yeah, mythical creatures are pretty BAMF.