Goodbye, Thinner. Oh Hello There, Dance Party.

Today was great. I went to Epidavros in Mt. Kisco, NY and got a massage. Those of you in the downstate NY area, go there and get  touched. I got the ultimate massage. I felt like jello when I walked out of there.

Ok, enough. There are more important matters at hand. Today is the day I officially put the Thinner project on hold. For an independent study I was planning on doing for RISD, I was going to transform Stephen King’s Thinner into a graphic novel.

I know, I’m a nerd. But this, plus an i.s. teacher conflict, lead me to a dance party solution. Explanations involving dance party solution will follow.

The following are plans of how I was going to break up the illustrations/pages for Thinner.






That lovely illustration on the right is how I felt when I realized I had to make the decision to put my graphic novel dream on the back burner.