Make Cupcakes, Not War.

Let’s talk cupcakes.

Look at that shexy color scheme. I love fondant, too. I would spend the rest of my life making things out of fondant if I could.

Jack & Jill cupcake!!

Look at that fancy ass cupcake. I would spend all of 10 seconds admiring it before I devoured that thing.

Um, hello cute fondant dino cake avec egg nest cupcakes!

This almost makes me miss my old job as a Coldstone Cake Builder and Decorator.


I really need some blue candy now.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…cupcake image on cupcake? You’re crazy.

And look at this fancy shmancy cupcake. It comes in a little glass dish like thing.


I just like this image.

And this cupcake.


For real? Or pretend?

Hi interwebs, long time no see.

Don’t you hate it when you realize: “well, guess i’m not sleeping tonight.”

and then you end up drinking caffeinated things and start putting your energy into a new project that turns out to be really tedious (if you create things [i.e. FYI21: the show and the book?] the way i do) and you really want to fall asleep but you have somewhere you have to be at a certain time and you know that if you fall asleep now you wont wake up for a while?

what’s up with that

…and airline food.

So here is something you’ll really enjoy:

Where’s Gamera when you need him?