Poor art student< Patterns< Macro Photography

Today interwebs, I wanna talk about patterns.

I’m in love with patterns and textures of all shapes and sizes.

This hair like, line one is in similar fashion of pen and ink work I do.

That’s probably why I think it’s so boss.

Unfortunately I could not find a full image of the completed print, but I thought this was beautiful.

More line patterness.

This photo is actually a macro image is of a dyed slice of an angler fish ovary. Odd, but bamf.

Continuing with the macro images, this is of a discus fish’s scales. It looks like someone put soda between thin, textured plastic or glass plates. Which is probably why I like it.

Any guess as to what that is?

A human sweat gland.

This hot piece of human tissue is the villi of your stomach.

And that, my friends, was patterns and macro photography. Sponsored by: no one. Cause I’m a broke ass art student, and nobody sponsors those.


Too much girl power

Hey Internet.

I’ve got that warm, feministy feeling inside today.

So here’s Tracy Emin:

She’s well known for this piece entitled “My Bed”. It’s actually kind of gross and makes me never want to sleep in anyone else’s bed ever again…but whatever.

I like the idea of her neon work better.

I like the idea of writing whatever you want in bright lights.
If I ever get to work with neon my messages won’t be this feministy.

I don’t think I’d ever want to get into a fist fight with this bitch.

Shit, I mean woman.

Tracy is really into writing sad, obscure messages on things.