And While I’m at it…

Oh yeah, I’ve also been busting my ass with FYI21:

Inside looking out. Text message courtesy of Come on, it’s not like I’m the alcoholic who comes up with this shit. My drunken witticisms are much clever.

Inside looking out.


And on an unrelated note, here’s some pen and ink work I’ve done.

(That’s right, I’m uploading this stuff all in one shot. ┬áSo DEAL)

The white frame is incredibly distracting, yes I know this. Once finals are all over and my life calms the fuck down, I plan to fix it. Don’t you worry.


And this is how I almost killed myself. Hand-drawn exploded view of a Rollicord TLR camera.

This drawing officially makes me king of pen and ink.

Wanna know how I did it with out a computer? LOTS OF TRACING PAPER. I think I single handedly slaughtered a small nature reserve with all the tracing paper I used (and recycled!!!) I’ll plant some trees later to make up for it.

First Semester < or = Eight pounds of Clay

I’m feeling insane.

Here, let me prove it to you:

That’s Thomas. I sculpted him in my 3D Anatomy class. Sadly, I didn’t get very far. So I added a sweet bikini.

This is the back of him. I vaguely remember doodling a tramp stamp on this picture…guess it’s gone.

We did a second sculpture. They kept calling it an ecorche. I kept calling it a ferrero rocher.

Yeah, the back view is pretty smexy.

Now, here are some arty shots that make it look not as hideous to look at!

I have no explanation for this one.

Clean clay just got a little sexier…didn’t it?

And that’s what I learned in 3D Anatomy for illustrators.

Smoke free: 7 days.

So let’s see, what’s happened since the last time I’ve updated my little corner of the internet…

I’ve finished three more pieces for my ISP (also affectionately known as “Fuck You, I’m 21”), I’ve finished several pen & ink assignments, quit smoking, developed a cold, kissed a cutie, had quality time with my cats, missed work, made it to work on time, figure sculpted, and fixed my head phones with masking tape and a piece of wire.

I’ve lots of pictures of my work to put up here, but at the moment my camera is charging. So those will come later. Right now, it’s 2.38 in the AM and I’m watching old horror movies while working on another piece for FYI21.

So, here is a city made out of staples: