Nothing like sex and violence, right kids?

I’ve decided I need to get me these sweet brass knuckles.


what’s this?

Why look! these sweet brass knuckles are also a handgun.


This sweet brass knuckle handgun also comes with a knife and has thus completed it’s transformation into Mini-Bayonet of Death.

I’m very much anti-violence, but nowadays, a single girl needs to protect herself.


That is all.


Is it Thanksgiving yet?

Hello all. Here are a few more pieces I’ve finished for my independent study:

Outside looking in.

Outside looking in.

Inside looking out.

Detail: thread-hance.

Inside looking out.

Materials include: Digital inkjet image, various types of paper, various types of ink, acryllic paint, various types of thread, and electrical tape.

It’s Like the End of Oz, Only You Have Better Shoes…

For my independent study, with the lovely Oren Sherman I’m exploring nightlife along with drug alcohol and sexual abuse.

Here is a few pieces still in working stage. Finished ones will come later on.

crowd 7


faces 16

faces 23

faces 31

faces color

second week 3

As mentioned before, they’re all kind of in a rough digital stage. Next step is to print them out and start working by hand.

I have two pieces completely finished. When I finish more, pictures will come up….Not entirely sure why wordpress made all these odd sizes. But I’m not up to speed with how to fix shit like that…so DEAL!