Hungry? Knit some food!

Anyone hungry?

23e2df806999e42b0cb61bfb3261b8dfbbe9f3d7_mknit happy meal!!!


449ba41e5d2cac2fbe198864869a2186ec7c27ee_mknit sushi!!!!! i fucking love sushi.


3855921620_216b049cdaTiny knit ice cream!!!!


3885140192_ef5f9aeddfTiny knit hamburger!!!!


ad069af099b6e02b5bb70d9b6e4489558c951530_mknit sandwich anyone?


b74aaf555eb970c3a1fdd6e7b2b5dd2a7a971286_mknit school lunch?


f66f8ab0c6ecd4accbebca38e724dedf9fda7e61_mknit BLT!!!!!


knit_beet1i’ve never actually tasted a beet, but after seeing this, i think i want to.



i love knit stuff.

and i love food. i’m hungry now, but i have no food in my apartment and no money for food.




3 thoughts on “Hungry? Knit some food!

  1. Agnes says:

    wow. that is pretty awesome!!!! I wish I knew how to knit, then I could do that every time I’m hungry. that would be pretty amazing. lol.

  2. Ali says:

    I’ve been wanting to knit food for a while now! Where are these patterns from?

  3. The knit beet is amazing. Maybe you can sell it to get money to buy real beets. It is worth a try.

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