Are you calling me darling?

Well it’s Saturday night and since being excommunicated from girlfriendom, I have no friends. Or rather friends who won’t return my phone calls/texts. Yep, I’m one classy broad.

I slept the entire day away.

8.30pm on Friday night to 11.30 am this morning and then laying in bed periodically falling in and out of sleep till around 7.00pm. Aside from work and the need to drink, there really isn’t any reason for me to get up anymore. I’d get up and go to bars or coffee shops or something and meet people, but those things require money. Something that a person who gets paid once a month does not have.

But enough about my problems. (I’ve got 99 of em, but a bitch ain’t one)


Without further adieu, here are some ink drawings I did for a class where the over all opinion of my teacher was “these would be great, if they didn’t suck so hard”

DSC_0394_537This was a simple line value study. The first one was voted favorite by my class.


DSC_0393_536We had to do a line drawing. For three years I’ve had it beaten into my head that a good image needs to have a foreground middleground and background. I was violently jolted back into reality when my teacher said “Why do you have a background? And what’s up with her legs?”

Overall, the perfect solution to this would be to get rid of the layer cake background and make her fade off or do something cool with her bottom half.


Well ladies and vagina friendly men, I’ve got some iced tea and lemon vodka here that isn’t going to drink itself. Drinking alone makes me feel like an alcoholic, but I’m not really alone if i can hear my next door neighbor having rowdy sex, right?

I’m gunna high five her through the wall. At least someone is getting laid tonight.


One thought on “Are you calling me darling?

  1. tychy says:

    nice pictures darling. ps. i think that drinking alone just means that you’re, well, kinda getting old.

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