Mixed Media Makes Me Feel Like I’m 5

I had a lot of fun in my mixed media class today.

A lot of what I did came out looking kinda blah. I mostly enjoyed just playing around with the materials.

I’ll be picking modge podge off of my hands for days.

DSC_0383_522This was the first in-class piece I did: construction paper, tissue paper, magazine pieces, acryllic, sharpie.

It’s Tom, the model! I appreciate him more with clothes on. There are few models here that have interesting body types to draw. Tom is not one of them.


DSC_0382_521This was the second one. I forget her name…Lizzy or something like that. She had a collection of crazy hats and real live tattoos on her face and hands: construction paper, tissue paper, acryllic, chalk pastel, ink, and sharpie.


DSC_0379_518This was the third one. Photo reference: construction paper, tissue paper, acryllic, chalk pastel, and sharpie.


DSC_0381_520This is part of my homework I turned in today: acryllic, india ink, gloss medium.


DSC_0380_519Another part of my homework: acryllic, india ink, gloss medium.


Everything needs to be this cool

Holy shit interwebs, I have so much energy. Tonight is going to be a work night, not a sleep night. I can not for the life of me figure out where I found all this…awake-ness. I need to take some photos of my sketch book for you. It’s changed so much since I last put pictures of it up here. The problem is when RISD starts, things like this get put on the back burner.

So, here’s some kewl Smokey the Bear graphics:


I’m liking everything except that raccoon. Why does he have sticks coming out of his stumps? And the pineapple at the bottom? Not so much.


114e78d5fd330d681f128982ae1d5863c6868783_mI’ve definatly done something like this for my boss when I worked at the Watermark. I made a card that had several pie charts indicating the notoriety of famous artists versus ninja turtles.


c00087e4a3a6ab0ab3d7b98530b3162fea603d03_mAlso, how cool is that?

I definatly want it. I must put on a pretty face and ask my product designing boyfriend, very sweetly, if he will make it for me to go in my super awesome, fantastical, new house. That I will have. In the future.


372ffe8790769ac4f4ecb0cbae6d8121ab7e171f_mSpeaking of fantastic things that will come into my possession in the future…

Check out those tea bags! It’s like fucking origami! This just made my love for tea increase tenfold.

BAMF things I wish were in my life.


I’ve been away from you too long, interweb blog.

But I’ve been looking through the other parts of the interwebs as of late, and there’s a lot of kewl shit out there. 

e6f6b131c41e06da5ea5e817b6f034ba60c27065_mI want.


d77213078299f711154f8e73ab53e891ab89a69a_mYes, that is a dolla bill. And so is this:

14bca403b4965c0fd2b9e8ddc8bcf64c4131a7c8_mThat is a fucking toilet, with a vajayjay inside.

booooooom_dollar_02I wish all money was origami-ed and depending on what shape it was in determined it’s value.


7f599fa7cb016b203f12090d09e393376c801ffe_mAnd how cool is this?! It’s food made into flags. France looks delish-yum.

Speaking of delish-yum:

71e5e77de505d5676949ff2c466dd2ecbe2a28f7_mI will be eating this cake for every birthday I have from now on.


187e9ecc92ab054e81259107bd70b6982992f15c_mAnd in a perfect world, I would be eating this cookie/cake/chocolate everyday.


Le sigh. That’s all the amazingness I will share today. I have a fair amount of artsy-fartsy homework to complete, and it’s only the first week. Yikes.